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    classic DRAGON clock widget

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    Classic Dragon is a high class clock designer widget and is for the discerning smartphone owner who demands quality, precision and a unique design style.

    Personalize your smartphone with a luxury artwork. An elegant blend of classic and modern design style makes the Classic Dragon desktop clock widget a special addition to any sophisticated wardrobe.

    app content:

    ● Classic Dragon clock widget
    ● Classic Dragon HD wallpaper + menu
    ● HQ audio-tone (set as ring, notification or alarm tone)


    ● optional datefield
    ● multi language
    ● Alarm options
    ● special Alarm tone
    ● HD wallpapers

    NOTE: This app contains the Classic Dragon analog clock widget.
    To finalize the special designline on your smartphone -
    Get now the Classic Dragon app-collection - available on google Play Store.

    Classic Dragon clock widget works with all popular Launchers.
    Testet for: Next launcher themes, nova/apex/adw launcher themes,
    GO Launchers EX themes and smart launcher themes.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

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