Wassertropfen Live-Hintergrund

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    Wassertropfen Live-Hintergrund

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    Wassertropfen simuliert Tropfen die auf ein Schwimmbecken Hintergrund fallen.

    Um den Live-Hintergrund zu setzen, gehe zu:
    Einstellungen -> Hintergrund -> Live-Hintergründe -> Wassertropfen

    Die Plus version kommt auch mit den folgenden Einstellungen:

    * Beliebiger Hintergrund
      * Auswählbahre Lichtreflexion
      * Qualität / Batterie Steuerung
    * Automatische Tropfengeschwindigkeit
      * Einstellbare Tropfengröße
      * Einstellbare Geschwindigkeit
      * Hintergrund Zoom

    Wenn Du auf Probleme stößt, schicke mir eine Mail und ich werde Dir gerne helfen!

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q: Do you have any ads or install other apps without my knowledge?
    A: No. The app only has a link to the Play store. The app has no Internet access and cannot send you ads (and that's how it should be).

    Q: Why do I have to reinstall the wallpaper every time I reboot the phone?
    A: The wallpaper is probably stored on the SD card, which causes Android to remove it on reboot. The Android developers recommend you store the wallpaper on internal storage.

    Q: Why do I see a lock icon instead of a wallpaper?
    A: The app most likely became corrupted. Try reinstalling it.

    Q: Why is the wallpaper slow and choppy?
    A: Some phones are not powerful enough to handle the normal settings - there's actually a large difference between low-end and high-end phones out now.

    Q: Something else is wrong. Should I just leave a 1 star review?
    A: You're free to leave any review you like, but if you send me an email instead, I can usually fix the problem right away. It's difficult to know what's happening on a device just from a review.

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