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    My cars ist eine Komplettlösung zur Verwaltung Ihrer Fahrzeuge
    -> Betankungen
    -> Service und Wartungen
    -> Sämtliche Kosten
    -> und vieles mehr...

    My cars ist einfach und intuitiv zu bedienen!

    - Komplette Treibstoff Verwaltung (Kosten, Verbrauch, Tankstellen, usw.) mit Optionen für verschiedene Betankungs-Arten (Voll-, Teilbetankung, ...)
    - Individuell anpassbare Wartungs-Einträge
    - Individuell anpassbare Rechnungs- und Kosten-Kategorien
    - Viele Statistiken/Diagramme/Reports
    - Erweiterte Erinnerungen (z.B. nächste Wartung)
    - Export/Import im csv/xml Format
    - Unterstützung für Fahrzeuge mit Zweistoff-Motoren

    PRO-Funktionen (mit Kauf der PRO App Lizenz)
    - Dropbox Unterstützung für automatische Datensicherung und Import/Export
    - Währungsumrechnung mit Echtzeit-Umrechnungskurs
    - Weiteres ist geplant

    Optionen für das Aktivieren der PRO-Funktionen:
    - PRO-Lizenz kaufen
    - Werbung aktivieren (Go Pro Menü)

    Vehicles management: fuel tracker/services/bills/trips

    If you are asking yourself one of next questions, then My Cars is the app for you
    • How much cost my vehicle (car, bike, etc....)? By year, by month, by mile/km, etc...?
    • What is the min/avg/max fuel efficiency of my vehicle? Does it depend on the season?
    • How could I not forget to check if I have enough oil? Can I set reminders for services and/or bills?

    My Cars is intuitive and highly customizable to fit your needs.

    You will better understand the costs and then it will allow you to control them.

    Type of vehicles supported
    • Cars, trucks, bikes
    • Boats, tractors or any vehicle that uses hours

    Core features

    Data records
    • Fuel tracker with many options. Supports partial refuels, missed refuels, refuels with gauge.
    • Services management with ability to setup reminders
    • Bills management with ability to setup reminders
    • Car records with details like insurance number, made, pictures, etc...
    PRO: Trip management (start/end location with address, trip type, trip cost, etc...)
    • Many fuel types supported: Gasoline/Diesel/LPG/CNG/Hybrid/Flexfuel/Electric/etc...

    • distance (total, by year/month/day)
    • min/average/max fuel efficiency
    • cost per day/month/year (breakdown including bills, services, fuel)
    • cost per mile/km (breakdown including bills, services, fuel)
    • min/avg/max/total fuel quantity (breakdown by fuel type)
    • ...

    • Fuel efficiency overtime
    • Fuel efficiency aggregated by month (is fuel efficiency higher in winter?)
    • Costs per months
    PRO: Compare computed fuel efficiency against onboard computed values
    • Costs by km/mile
    • Autonomy estimation of your car
    • ...

    • Reminders management (service/bill/other)

    Backup, import, export
    • Automated backup on internal storage
    PRO: Automated backup to Dropbox
    • Export to CSV/XML. CSV can be open with Excel
    • Import from CSV/XML (to transfer data from one device to another one, or to import data from another application)

    PRO only features
    PRO: Backup/restore from/to Dropbox
    PRO: Currency management with exchange rates
    PRO: Google Cloud Print support
    PRO: Trip management
    PRO: ...

    Support/user guides

    Social networks

    • Location: used for trip tracking of start/end location. Can be disabled in settings
    • Internet access: used to store backups to Dropbox, to load exchange rates
    • Access SDCard: used to store local auto-backups


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