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December 30, 2013 (Monday) -- Beta testing has now begun!

Sword Art Online fone (Beta version) is the beta version of the Sword Art Online fone, an application that transforms your Android device into the world of Aincrad using "fone" technology, a next-generation interface that allows complete customization of everything from the home screen to even the smartphone’s tools. This version is aimed at beta testers and will be used for development of the final release.

Wouldn't you like to install the application, connect your smartphone to the world of Aincrad, and participate in the beta test?

Players who clear the beta test will receive bonus content upon the application's official release!

For more information regarding Sword Art Online fone, please refer to the following URL:

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In order to enjoy Sword Art Online fone (Beta version), you will be required to download the following applications separately.

[SAOfone Beta]Dialer (approx. 5 MB)
[SAOfone Beta]Lock (approx. 3 MB)

* You will require approx. 60 MB of free space on your device in order to install all the applications.
* We have verified that the Sword Art Online fone (Beta version) works after installation of all the applications. We may not be able to respond to every enquiry regarding installation errors for each APK.

Regarding Sound Settings with the "Sword Art Online fone β Version":
There are usually three or four types of volume settings inside your Android Operating System: Ringtone Volume, Media Volume, Alarm/Notifications Volume, and System Volume. These four volumes are all controlled independently.
"Sword Art Online fone β Version" uses the "Media Volume Setting," just like most other media such as music, videos, games, etc… on your smartphone. As such, even if you "mute" your Ringer volume, you will still hear media sounds from Apps such as this fone.
If you wish to "mute" your "Sword Art Online fone β Version" App, then we recommend that you go in to your Android's OS Settings —> My Device —> Sound —> Volume —> Music, Videos, Games and other Media.

How to use the application:
Please refer to the Sword Art Online fone Official Website.
URL : http://en.sao.anifone.com

Transferring data to SD cards:
Voice, image, and application data in the Sword Art Online fone (Beta version) may not be transferred to external storage, such as SD cards.

System requirements:
We recommend using Android OS 4.1 or higher with the Sword Art Online fone (Beta version), but version 4.0 is the minimum requirement.
Please understand that we do not support horizontal screen use or ten-key devices.
* There are cases where problems can occur from interference with other applications.

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◆Sword Art Online fone Web: http://en.sao.anifone.com
◆Sword Art Online fone Twitter: https://twitter.com/SAO_anifone
◆anifone YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Animefone
◆anifone Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anifone

* foneclay and the foneclay logo are trademarks of Foneclay, Inc.
anifone is a new term coined for this sort of revolutionary Character Smartphone Application. A wide variety of new fones will be released in the near future. It is for this purpose that we have acquired the domain for anifone (anifone.com).

*Please be aware that we are only able to respond to enquiries in Japanese or English.

© Reki Kawahara / ASCII Media Works / SAO Project
© anifone / LEGS Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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Kürzlich in dieser Version geändert

* * January 17, 2014: Update Announcement * *

Dear "Sword Art Online fone Beta Version" Beta Testers:

Thanks to all your great support, comments, and suggestions, today's update contains

Although we can’t reply to every email, we are doing our best to implement the great suggestions received from Beta Testers. These suggestions are having a terrific impact on the upcoming Official Full Version as well, so there's lots to look forward to in the near future!

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  • (70 Sterne)

    by Piratesystem am 04/01/2014

    Discover the latest apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet.


  • (70 Sterne)

    by dragonsang am 02/01/2014

    Je suis au floor 3. je sais pas la quantiter requis pour llvl up kirito/asuna et kurain(KLEIN).

  • (70 Sterne)

    by Nikki Knott am 31/07/2014


  • (70 Sterne)

    by KiLLua Zoldyck am 30/07/2014


  • (70 Sterne)

    by Kathleen Macayan am 29/07/2014

    Can someone tell me on how do u make ur characters go level up? .-. I almost sent 500 messages still its level one e.e i cant read the description nor i cant see stairs on whatsoever :( i want to play this but all i see is a nice cover thats it .w. help ToT make it more nice and can play easy </3

  • (70 Sterne)

    by Christopher Susi am 29/07/2014

    I think this is a friendly and easy to use interface. Obviously this is a beta so the lagging is understandable. As a big sao fan I love the content and hope for more. My recommendation is if this is sucessful to go further and include alfheim content. My biggest problem is that I havent had much luck leveling my characters. And I really want to complete the beta! Once I have a chance to play the

  • (70 Sterne)

    by Pro Pms am 28/07/2014

    I've always been a huge SAO fan...this app made me feel ever closer to the world of SAO.

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