United Cheddar

  • Errand List




    -- Errand List is Your Virtual Errand List! -- Errand list is a simple app that helps you maintain an errand list right on your Android smartphone! Don't waste time emailing a list of errands to yourself! Just use this app to keep your errand list right on your phone. Usage Instructions:...

  • Fog Horn




    Fog horn sound for kids and adults. Whenever your friend says something dumb, play the foghorn sound! You'll know the fog horn we mean when you hear it - its a classic. Never miss a beat or let a joke go with the Virtual Fog Horn from United Cheddar. Play the fog horn sound at parties, or by...

  • Train Whistles & Sounds (Free)




    Enjoy 12 Free Train Whistle Sounds and Train Ringtones for kids of all ages! Train Whistles & Sounds is a free, ad-supported, Android app with 12 fun train sounds for kids and adults of all ages. Kids will love pressing each train picture to hear the sound it makes. There isn't a kid in...

  • Animal Sounds




    Play with 12 animal sounds including a cat, dog, rooster, goat, monkey, and duck. Fun for kids and adults. Make any animal sound your ringtone or notification ringtone! Just long-press on any animal icon and click "Set As Ringtone" or "Set as Notification". New in version 3:...

  • Lasers & Coins - Game Sound FX




    Lasers, explosions, and other arcade Game sound effects are fun for kids and adults. This soundboard includes 12 original arcade game sounds for kids and kids at heart. Arcade Game Sounds include: - Lasers - Get Coins - Level Up - Shooting - Laser Gun Firing - Video Game Jumps - Explosions...

  • Pick The Numbers! (Free)




    Click the numbers as fast as you can! But be careful, for a mistake will cost you the game. Simply addictive, deceptively hard. Objective: Click the numbers 1-25 in order, without making a mistake, in order to reach the next level. Try to finish in under 30 seconds to earn bonus points....

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