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Herunterladen Lady Pill Reminder Lady Pill Reminder icon

Lady Pill Reminder

Never miss a pill again with the Lady Pill Reminder app.

Similar app: Lady Pill Widgets

Kostenlos 7 39.6K

7 Experten-
Herunterladen Appy Gamer – Deine Gaming News Appy Gamer – Deine Gaming News icon

Appy Gamer – Deine Gaming News

Appy Gamer gathers the best games news and highlight them in a handy a...

Similar app: Appy Geek – Tech-Nachrichten

Kostenlos 7 45.7K

7 Experten-
Herunterladen Camera51 – Die smarte Kamera Camera51 – Die smarte Kamera icon

Camera51 – Die smarte Kamera

This intelligent camera gives you the best angle for the perfect shot

Similar app: Camera360 Ultimate

Kostenlos 7 23.6K

7 Experten-
Herunterladen Solid Explorer Classic Solid Explorer Classic icon

Solid Explorer Classic

Solid Explorer is a file browser that merges good-looking layout, intu...

Similar app: Solid Explorer File Manager

Kostenlos 9 46.7K

9 Experten-
Herunterladen Pokémon TV Pokémon TV icon

Pokémon TV

Fifty full streaming Pokémon episodes

Similar app: The Flash !

Kostenlos 8.6 55.5K

8.6 Experten-
Herunterladen Color Touch Effects Color Touch Effects icon

Color Touch Effects

Color Touch Effects allows you to edit photos by swiping your fingerti...

Similar app: Farbeffekt Photograp Editor

Kostenlos 5 133.1K

5 Experten-
Herunterladen Video-Player Video-Player icon


This video playing app plays a range of video formats.

Similar app: Video Player For Android

Kostenlos 8.5 77.3K

8.5 Experten-
Herunterladen MSN Gesundheit & Fitness MSN Gesundheit & Fitness icon

MSN Gesundheit & Fitness

Staying in shape and keep a healthy body and mind

Similar app: MSN Sport

Kostenlos 8 10.4K

8 Experten-
Herunterladen Text Free on Textfree Texting Text Free on Textfree Texting icon

Text Free on Textfree Texting

Pinger Messenger is a global free calling and texting multi-platform a...

Similar app: Text Free: Calling Texting App

Kostenlos 7 76.7K

7 Experten-
Herunterladen Etsy Etsy icon


Etsy is an alternative market app for selling/buying handmade items of...

Similar app: Verkaufen auf Etsy

Kostenlos 7 59.6K

7 Experten-
Herunterladen My Verizon Mobile My Verizon Mobile icon

My Verizon Mobile

A useful utility for checking your tariff, but impractical in places

Similar app: My Verizon Mobile Nexus

Kostenlos 5.5 135.2K

5.5 Experten-
Herunterladen OneNote OneNote icon


Microsoft's official note-taking app, syncs across all devices

Similar app: OneNote for Android Wear

Kostenlos 7.1 86.5K

7.1 Experten-

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