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Waypoint is a waypoint manager that allows you to save and manage waypoints. Waypoints can be plotted on a map to access information about the waypoint or viewed in Google Maps to access directions, streetviews, or topographical map data if available.

Waypoint allows you to easily organize your location data by creating categories which specify the type of location data being stored. Three types of location data are supported, Waypoints, Routes, and Tracks. The type of location data choosen for each category will determine how the data is mapped and exported using the export to GPX feature.

Categories can be used to store your favorite fishing, boating, hunting, parking, or any other kind of location data you can think of.

Categories and Waypoints are all fully manageable: Create, Rename, Move waypoints between categories, and Delete.

Your waypoint data can easily be backed up either by E-mailing or uploading the data file to Google Drive if you have the Google Drive app installed.

Waypoint can also notify you when you are within a certain distance of your waypoint by enabling the Proximity Alert feature. With the proximity alert enabled you will receive a system notification indicating your are within the set proximity of your waypoint. This feature can be set in the Edit Notifications menu item.

Want to share your location with other friends or send your friends your Waypoints? Use the Share Location and Share Waypoint feature to easily email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc. your locations to your friends.

If you have location data stored in GPX format Waypoint can import your data and automatically categorize it into Waypoints, Routes, and Tracks. Or, if you have location data that is in KML format Waypoint can import it as well.

Want a really cool way to show your friends the places you have been? Export the data as KML format and email the file which can be opened with Google Earth on a computer. Or you can open the KML file right on your mobile device and view the waypoints in the Google Earth mobile application.

- Car Locator
- Fishing Locator
- Hunting Locator
- Map View
- Google Maps Directions/Integration
- Radar View
- Category Support and Management
- Waypoint Management
- Compass
- Speedometer (mph, km/h, and knots)
- Proximity Alert
- Bearing between two locations
- Distance between two locations (feet, miles, meters, kilometers, and nautical miles)
- Coordinate Converter
- Latitude/Longitude (Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds format)
- Manually enter coordinates (Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds format)
- Set coordinates from map
- Displays total Route/Track distance
- Displays distance to next waypoint
- Displays distance to the selected waypoint
- Import data from GPX file formats
- Import data from KML file formats
- Import data from CSV file formats (Garmin CSV: longitude, latitude, name)
- Export Waypoints to GPX, KML, or CSV file formats for use in other GPS devices or Google Earth
- Share your current location via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
- Share your Waypoints via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
- Back up data to Google Drive
- Unlimited waypoints*

Accuracy depends on your GPS signal and your device. When locating a waypoint take the Accuracy of your current location into consideration.

Email dev with any issues before posting negative ratings

*The number of waypoints able to be stored depends on available space on the device's SD Card and the amount of system memory available to work with the data files.

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Kürzlich in dieser Version geändert

Waypoint Pro 6.4 has been released.

- Added more error checking of the data file to catch a use case where the file may be corrupt or invalid. In this case, the existing file will be renamed with a date/time stamp and a new data file will be created.

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  • (67 Sterne)

    by treetoad1 am 16/01/2011

    Coordinate formate we use geocaching isnt available there for this app is of little use to me. It was a wast of money.

  • (67 Sterne)

    by Manfred Kulla am 10/07/2013

    Die App macht das, wqas sie macht sehr gut. Hier besteht kaum Potential für Verbesserungen. Top. Allerdings fehlen mir zwei Features: 1. mir ist es sehr wichtig im Zweifgelsfall (bei mangelnder Internetversorgung) auf offline Kartenmaterial zurückgreifen zu können. Daas bietet die Apop (noch???) nicht. Notfalls habe ich zwar Radar und Kompass zur Verfügung, aber mit Karte wird vieles doch leichte