SQLite Installer for Root

SQLite Installer for Root

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This applications only purpose is to install the sqlite3 binary application into your /system/xbin . Many phones no longer have it stock. Out of frustration I grabbed it from the emulator. You need to have a rooted phone.

I have tested this only on a droid bionic. If you have problems, please send me a email with your phone type so I can try to support it.

E-Mail: david@ptsoft.org


This application contains advertisements. It contains these as I host the binaries on the domain that I pay for. If I find that many are using anti ad tools, I will block service for those phones. If data is a problem for you, use Wi-Fi. It does not generate a lot of profit, but you get a service from me that is free.

If you find a problem with the application, please email me. I am willing to help you in anyway I can. I take suggestions as well. If I refuse to help, which I wont, then go ahead and give me a nasty comment here.

I appreciate all of the good comments.

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Kürzlich in dieser Version geändert

New design on many interfaces.
New install scripts.
There will be a copy of the downloaded binary on your sdcard if a problem occurs in the install.
Donate feature implemented (Should remove ads) * NOT TESTED *

Screenshots SQLite Installer for Root
Zoomen – Screenshot von SQLite Installer for Root für Android
Zoomen – Screenshot von SQLite Installer for Root für Android
Kommentare und Bewertungen für SQLite Installer for Root
  • (62 Sterne)

    by Chris tian am 13/02/2014

    error to paring list ???

  • (62 Sterne)

    by Jürgen Greimel am 17/12/2013

    selecting an sqlite3 version. Motorola razr i tried it a few months ago. back then, no problems. i don't know what happend since than. anyone knows a workaround? v4.1.2

  • (62 Sterne)

    by Thomas Friedrich am 13/09/2013

    You don't have permission to access / on this server.

  • (62 Sterne)

    by Peter Schmidt am 23/07/2013

    The newest version gives an error in install process, but an older version works fine. Thank you very much!

  • (62 Sterne)

    by Pauli Schuzzl am 22/07/2013

    "Error in install process: /system/xbin/sqlite3: open failed: EROFS (Read-only file system). Even with the workaround. :(

  • (62 Sterne)

    by Fischer Kai am 29/06/2013

    You need to login as root to your phone and remount the /system partition in RW mode: root@phone# mount -o remount rw /system After this the Install button is working fine and the file is in /system/xbin/sqlite3. Just call it to test ;)