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Geocaching Droid Army Knife

Geocaching Droid Army Knife

100.000 - 500.000 Downloads

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With GDAK you can create databases on your Android device and fill them with caches via the Live API. Just install GDAK, let GDAK create the necessary directories, press the menu button and choose for Create Database. You can create as many databases as you want, but one database will suffice for most users.

It is also possible to view and work with databases from GSAK, the Geocaching Swiss Army Knife application for Microsoft Windows PCs, on your Android device. GDAK uses databases created by the GSAK program, so you will also need to have GSAK installed on your PC and create one or more databases there before using GDAK.

New feautures:
• On the images tab you can now see the log-images.
• A new menu-option: "With current filter". This option will open a new menu. With this menu you will be able to manage your database. Try it and see it yourself.
• A simple change in the filter options. You can now filter on archived, not available and available caches any way you want.
• Grabbedimages can now be contained in zip-files. Just be sure the files.db3 is still unzipped. The amount of zip-files is not very importand, and zipped and not zipped images can be mixed. But a little warning: zipped files loading is slow...
• You can now import caches that are published the last X days. (X can be 1-30)

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Kommentare und Bewertungen für Geocaching Droid Army Knife
  • (59 Sterne)

    by johnny.vanaudenhoven am 16/06/2011

    Very good app, but I would like to be able to log my finds. And if it would be possible to exclude my own caches?

  • (59 Sterne)

    by Berit Feustel am 22/05/2014

    Hab noch nicht gemacht aber denke ist gut

  • (59 Sterne)

    by Kevin Lübben am 15/05/2014

    Perfekte App für die, die nicht immer ihr GPS dabei haben! Eine "mit anderen teilen" Funktion wäre nicht schlecht

  • (59 Sterne)

    by Re Ne am 10/05/2014

    Ich benutze nichts anderes mehr!

  • (59 Sterne)

    by Ralf Zeier am 07/05/2014

    Und ein Tablet sein Eigen nennt, der braucht diese App. Datenbank kann direkt in den App Ordner kopiert werden. Auch mehrere. Dann steht einer Planung nichts mehr im Wege. Filter setzen, nur Tradis und oder Multis, kein Problem. Nur T5 oder keine T5, schnell ausgewählt. Also ich/wir sind begeistert :-)

  • (59 Sterne)

    by Norbert Trebron am 03/05/2014

    Ein absolutes Muss für jeden, der mit GSAK arbeitet. Vielen Dank, weiter so!

  • (59 Sterne)

    by Andreas Steinhoff am 06/04/2014

    Great tool! very easy access to all my databases. The offline maps feature (with maps from is also very useful! Please add possibilities to import fieldnotes of a Garmin-GPS, so that the found caches will be marked as found and can be filtered out for the next caching day. - - - Bug: local found status is overwritten by cache refresh!