Compass 360 Free

Compass 360 Free

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A complete GPS Compass that provides you everything you need to find out where you are and how to get where you are going.

Use your phone's magnetic sensor to determine magnetic north or get a compass reading for a bearing. GPS provides your current latitude longitude location to identify where you are. With reverse geocoding, look up the address information from your current location.

Compass Heading

To get address information click on the Latitude/Longitude text.

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Accuracy depends on your GPS signal and your phone's hardware. The magnetic sensor is very sensitive and can be disrupted by strong magnetic fields generated by such things as computers, instrumentation in your car, radios, etc.

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Zoomen – Bildschirmfoto von Compass 360 Free für Android
Zoomen – Bildschirmfoto von Compass 360 Free für Android
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