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Cipher tools

Cipher tools

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Tools for encrypt or decrypt some cipher.
Contains: vigenere, mobile cipher, morse code, ascii code, binary code, oct code, hex code, base64 code, digital sum, reverse words or text, ROT cipher, roman numbers, braille decoder, fake text, front to back text, mathias sandorf, playfair.
Showing letters frequency. Solve text with all possible ciphers.

Another option is display cipher key for more cipher.
Alphabet, Letter frequency, Ascii table, Braille, Morse, Roman numbers, ROT13, Polish cross, Hebrew cross, Hebrew Atbash, Polybius, Mayan numbers, Vigenere, Semaphore, Mill, Spelling tables, Digits, Mathias Sandorf, prime numbers, Sumerian alphabet, Flags, Baconian ...

Vibrate or play tone for morse code.

Testing on SGS II.

Please, the errors send me to email with notes: selected cipher, input text, input key.
Many thanks.

Tags: cipher tools, roman cipher decoder, baconian cipher solver, number ciphers, roman cipher solver, cipher, polish cross cipher, reversed semaphore code, number cipher, hex cipher solver.

Kürzlich in dieser Version geändert

Add PlayFair cipher
Add Baconian cipher into theory
Add flags into theory
Add number format (INT, BIN, OCT, HEX) into theory
New ASCII table in theory
Add possibility re-solve line in bulk solution
Theory menu is sorting alphabetically
From some cipher is direct link into theory page
Code optimization
Fix Braille cipher

2.0.1 - Fix main menu

Kommentare und Bewertungen für Cipher tools
  • (72 Sterne)

    by TheMysteryGamer1000 am 29/05/2014

    1. Eine möglichkeit zur entschlüsslung von 64 bis 254 bit wäre geil, und 2. Das man die ausgabe kopieren kann um sie später wieder irgendwo einzufügen

  • (72 Sterne)

    by Andreas Steinhoff am 30/12/2013

    Braille tippen echt nützlich