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Choose multiple applications and uninstall them in an easier way

  • Easy to use
  • Useful
  • Not as quick as you'd like it to be

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"Uninstall multiple applications"

Easy Uninstaller lets you uninstall all the Android applications that you no longer want on your device quickly and in an easy way.

You can select multiple apps to uninstall, which is really useful and you can also search them by name or sort them by types. If you long press on the app name, you'll be able to choose from more options such as application details, sharing and searching in the market. For a quick start, there's an icon on the notification bar but you can also disable it.

The problem with this app is that once you've selected all the apps, you still need to click OK on each one to actually uninstall it, which makes it quicker than the usual uninstall but not as easy as we would like it to be.

INFOLIFE LLC is the creator of Easy Uninstaller and many other similar helpful applications for the Android phones. Download to make your uninstalls easier and quicker.

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Mai 28, 2014


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