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Battery Defender - Batterie's review

Save your battery life and use your mobile for a longer time

  • Useful, helpful tool
  • Easy to use
  • Good design

"Project: Saving Battery"

Battery Defender is a battery saver that basically extends your battery life. The app will disable useless networks when you're not using the phone and there's a general and night schedule that you can enable.

Wifi, Data, GPS and Bluetooth can also be activated and there's a more complex screen with Settings that you can change and modify to your taste. There's always the battery level indicator on the notification bar, which can let you know easily how much battery you've got left.

If you use streaming apps, you can enable a white list so those applications don't stop running until you say so. This app is really helpful and useful for people who use their devices a lot and don't have time to charge it whenever it's necessary.

INFOLIFE LLC is the developer of Battery Defender-Battery Saver, a great tool for all users that is extremely easy to use and does what it says, so we don't have any complaints whatsoever. Great addition to your device.

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