Settle Up: No Ads

Settle Up: No Ads

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Ease of use
  • Both offline and sync with other devices
  • Original (and needed!) app concept
  • It should include extra features: reminders for debtors, for example
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"This is end of 'Who pays' discussion"

Bewertet von / Mar 15, 2012

Settle Up is an app that automatically calculates how much has to pay each in shared expenses

This is the paid version of Settle Up, with same feature but no ads + satisfaction for helping the developer.

Do you remember the last trip you made with your friends? It was awesome except for that annoying discussion about how much paid one or the other. Shared expenses are always a focus of discussion if calculations aren't clear. Settled comes up with this purpose.

Just create a group with the members that are going to share expenses. You can do it offline ( just in your phone) or shared (synced across more phones and safely backed). First off, sart to input how much money each one paid (choose who pay, currency, amount and the concept). The app automatically calculates the debts of each member and who needs to be paid back (check it out from payments log). When a debtor pays back then you tap on its debt and mark it as "Settled up" (if pay in cash) or choose paypal payment option which will automatically mark it as paid after completing transaction. You can also send a debt report to the members of the group via e-mail.

That's the idea. You can create more groups and switch between them. It will be specially useful for roommates, trips with friends and any other situation in which you share expenses with other people.

The app is set in a simple but user-friendly interface made up by four tabs. Navigation is intuitive, calculation seems to be correct and it's available in more than 15 languages. In a nutshell, an app that you should have installed in your device to keep your friendship intact when sharing expenses with your mates.

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If you buy this app:
- ads in Settle Up will disappear
- you will become a proud supporter of the project
- you will get early access to new features, now it's import/export and filter payments

This is just a key, you still need the free version. For more information about the app, search "Settle Up".

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* new graphics and name

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Zoomen – Screenshot von Settle Up: No Ads für Android
Zoomen – Screenshot von Settle Up: No Ads für Android
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