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Herunterladen Power Toggles Power Toggles icon

Power Toggles

Power Controls allows you to created a customized widget to control al...

Similar app: Autostarts

Kostenlos | 8 96.1K

8 Experten-
Herunterladen Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in icon

Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in

Yahoo! Messenger Plugin enables voice and video calls in the Yahoo! Me...

Similar app: Yahoo Messenger

Kostenlos | 7 190.5K

7 Experten-
Herunterladen Alarm Clock Plus★ Alarm Clock Plus★ icon

Alarm Clock Plus★

Set many alarms and check the weather forecast

Similar app: Alarm Clock Plus(NoAds)

Kostenlos | 7 140.1K

7 Experten-
Herunterladen KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars icon

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

Search, compare, and book everything you need for your trip

Similar app: onesto2go

Kostenlos | 8.4 151.5K

8.4 Experten-
Herunterladen Google Santa Tracker Google Santa Tracker icon

Google Santa Tracker

Keep track of where Santa's sleigh is on the most magical night of the...

Similar app: Super Santa XMAS Story & Games

Kostenlos | 7.7 45.1K

7.7 Experten-
Herunterladen Harlem Shake Creator Lite Harlem Shake Creator Lite icon

Harlem Shake Creator Lite

Create a Harlem Shake video easily and upload it to youtube

Similar app: Harlem Shake Maker Slow Motion

Kostenlos | 5 25.8K

5 Experten-
Herunterladen FBReader FBReader icon


FBReader is an e-book reader app

Similar app: FBReader Bookshelf

Kostenlos | 7 138.2K

7 Experten-
Herunterladen Kobo-Bücher Kobo-Bücher icon


Kobo eBooks is both a virtual library and eBook reader from a social a...

Similar app: Kobo

Kostenlos | 9 182.1K

9 Experten-
Herunterladen DigiCal Kalender DigiCal Kalender icon

DigiCal Kalender

DigiCal Calendar & Widgets is one of the easiest-to-use calendar apps

Similar app: DigiCal+ Kalender

Kostenlos | 7 91.8K

7 Experten-
Herunterladen Firefox Beta Firefox Beta icon

Firefox Beta

One of the most complete and balanced Android browsers

Similar app: Firefox für Android

Kostenlos | 8.8 122.6K

8.8 Experten-
Herunterladen Schrittzähler Schrittzähler icon


A simple, in-depth pedometer app that shows you everything from the nu...

Similar app: Schritt Schrittzähler Kalorien

Kostenlos | 6.5 76.4K

6.5 Experten-
Herunterladen Word Lens Translator Word Lens Translator icon

Word Lens Translator

World Lens uses the rear camera of your device to instantly translate...

Similar app: GL Camera Translator

Kostenlos | 8.1 82.1K

8.1 Experten-

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