Herunterladen Система прохода USB-host Система прохода USB-host icon

Система прохода USB-host

Версия клиентского приложения системы прохода, адаптированная для рабо...

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Herunterladen Remote Control for Neato Robot Remote Control for Neato Robot icon

Remote Control for Neato Robot

Android app for remote control of the robot cleaner line XV of Neato R...

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Herunterladen ArduinoDroid - Arduino IDE ArduinoDroid - Arduino IDE icon

ArduinoDroid - Arduino IDE

Important: The app takes about 210Mb as it contains IDE, compiler and...

Similar app: CppDroid - C/C++ IDE

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Herunterladen USB Host Diagnostics USB Host Diagnostics icon

USB Host Diagnostics

USB Host Diagnostics determines your device's USB host capabilitie...

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Herunterladen Easy Miner Easy Miner icon

Easy Miner

Bitcoin mining application. Beta version of Easyminer software. Note:...

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Herunterladen TermUSB TermUSB icon


Terminal program to exchange data between Android tablet and microcont...

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Herunterladen Seal One® USB Seal One® USB icon

Seal One® USB

Mit dieser Applikation können Sie Ihren Seal One® USB mit einem Androi...

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Herunterladen Andropilot Andropilot icon


This is a hobbyist UAV control program. It will control your Ardupilo...

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Herunterladen tivizen mini tivizen mini icon

tivizen mini

* Important Notice to Galaxy S4 users experiencing Tivizen pico connec...

Similar app: LiveEventTV

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Herunterladen Midi Commander Midi Commander icon

Midi Commander

Midi Commander lets you send MIDI message through a usb-connected MIDI...

Similar app: Volca keys Midi Player

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Herunterladen Video Player mit Notes & Audio Video Player mit Notes & Audio icon

Video Player mit Notes & Audio

Video Player mit Notes & AudioWir sind zurück!Das erste und einzig...

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Herunterladen Usb Host Controller Usb Host Controller icon

Usb Host Controller

Shows enumerated usb devices, and allows you to mount external mass st...

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