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Tabletop Gamer Toolbox

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The Tabletop Gamer Toolbox contains a collection of separate apps that are useful for tabletop gamers and LARPers.

The first is a mass dice roller, letting you roll up to 100 dice with a choice of sides from 4 to 100. This app is useful for games were you end up needing to roll large numbers of dice.

The second app is a Rock, Paper, Scissors app, that also includes the option of Spock, Lizard, or the Bomb, a commonly needed symbol for LARP settings. You can also throw up to five symbols at once for mass combat uses.

The third app is another dice roller, however this one is a dice simulator. Letting you roll up to 5 dice of any combination between 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sided die. Get the realistic feel of rolling dice, without having to carry the dice.

Additional game related apps will be added to the toolbox in the future, including some possibly game specific ones. Feel free to send requests for features that you would like to have in the toolbox.

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  • (45 Sterne)

    by Sascha Thomalka am 14/08/2014

    Wenn man ab und zu bis zu 30 Würfel werfen muss, dann wäre ne Massenwürfelapp echt klasse. Aber Pustekuchen. Kaum startet man die Anwendung bombardiert sie einen mit Werbung und ist nicht nutzbar bis der Werbefilm beendet ist. Und nicht nur beim ersten Start, das wäre ja noch akzeptabel, nein bei jedem Start. Den tabletop Abend will ich nicht erleben wo man jedesmal Minuten warten muss bis man n