Pixel Ruler

Pixel Ruler

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Essential tool for every Android and web developer. Measure the size of each element in your app directly on your Android device. No more screenshots to find out the size of button or margin.

After downloading the app, you have 15 minutes to try the app and if you don´t like it, you can give it back, as any other app on Google Play. We also have 30 day trail if you need longer period to evaluate the app.

You can measure in these units:
- PX - pixel
- DP (DIP) - density-independent pixel
- SP - scale-independent pixels

Other features:
- dock on the edge of the display by gestures
- possibility of zooming by Magnification gestures
- you can turn on a finer ruler

Kommentare und Bewertungen für Pixel Ruler
  • (80 Sterne)

    by Karl Sander am 27/03/2014

    This tool is really helpful. I'm surprised it seems to be the only app of its kind on the store and is only released very recently. The execution is great. I really don't have anything to complain about. Plays well together with the build in android screen magnification and supports dp, px and sp. Well worth is tiny price tag.