Crumby Universal Image Browser

Crumby Universal Image Browser

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Browse through your favorite galleries at the speed of light. Crumby is your go-to choice for downloading the web's best images straight to your Android phone.

Current Features:
★ UNIVERSAL WEBSITE COMPATIBILITY*: View any supported image gallery within Crumby.
★ INFINITE SCROLLING GALLERIES: Every gallery you browse will only stop displaying images once you've scrolled to the very bottom.
★ GROW AND SHRINK GRID: Pinch and zoom to see the gallery as a sequence or as a grid of images.
★ OMNIBAR SEARCH: Scour the web for the images that match exactly what you want using Bing by Microsoft.
★ INSTANT GALLERY SUGGESTIONS: See 13,000 possible image galleries that are similar to what you're typing in a flash.
★ INFINITE DOWNLOAD: Save and manage as many images as you can fit on your device.
★ URL BREADCRUMBS: Quickly navigate between image, galleries, and entire website hierarchies.
★ INSTANT SUPPORT: Post any question, feature request, and bug report directly to the development team in the app or .
★ AND MORE: Crumby is being developed daily. With your feedback in hand, we'll give you the best image browsing experience on Android.

Note: Currently, Crumby is an Open Beta and, as such, supports the following websites only*:
★ Danbooru: the best Japanese anime/manga/doujinishi drawings.
★ Imgur: the English-speaking world's most popular imagehost.
★ Derpibooru: My Little Pony and its fandom.
★ Gelbooru
★ e621

DISCLAIMER: Crumby does not own or condone any content viewed through it. All rights are reserved for the content creators and/or websites which host these images.

- Bing by Microsoft: Universal Text Search API (
- Picasso by Square Inc: Android image downloading and caching library (
- Otto by Square Inc: Android event bus. (
- Photoview by Chris Banes: Zoom-in, zoom-out, view for images. (
- Uservoice by Uservoice: Custom and built-in user support library. (
- Music in Trailer: "Please Listen Carefully" by Jahzzar

Kürzlich in dieser Version geändert

New: You can now login to Derpibooru, use your filter, and view your watched, upvoted, uploaded and favourites content.
New: e621 is now supported (Pools are not yet supported)
Bug Fix: Small thumbnails for Derpibooru select a bigger image to display in the grid.
Fix: Settings button for older Android phones is now turned "off" by default.
Fix: Very small screen sizes are no longer supported.

Kommentare und Bewertungen für Crumby Universal Image Browser
  • (70 Sterne)

    by Korato01 am 24/07/2014

    I use it alot now for Derpibooru. I would like to see some improvements in therm of Filtering and logging into my Account on these Websites. I would also love a upload function for the future. If I could log in my Account on Derpibooru I could use my own premade Filters and that would be awesome.