Battery Saver mini

Battery Saver mini

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Mobile data connection is one of the most battery draining feature. Wouldn't it be nice if mobile data was automatically enabled when you use the phone and automatically disabled when you don't use it?

This application does one nice thing - it automatically enables and disables mobile data on specified time intervals and some special events and helps to drastically improve your battery life.

Enabling mobile data at specified time intervals enables other applications to sync their data so you still get all important messages.

* Mobile data is automatically enabled when:
- Screen is on
- Wifi is disconnected
(e.g. when you check your mobile in a bar)

* Mobile data is automatically enabled on specified intervals when:
- Screen is off
- Wifi is disconnected
(e.g. when your phone is in your pocket)

* Mobile data is automatically disabled when:
- Wifi is connected
(e.g. when you return back home)

* WIFI Night Mode - turns WIFI off for the night

*** IMPORTANT! *** If you use any kind of task killer be sure to whitelist this application!

If you have any problems or comments please send feedback. Thank you!

Kürzlich in dieser Version geändert

- Wifi night mode
- Support for KitKat
- Notification icon toggle
- Other minor changes

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Zoomen – Bildschirmfoto von Battery Saver mini für Android
Zoomen – Bildschirmfoto von Battery Saver mini für Android
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